Announcement Trailer

Here is our announcement trailer, hope you like it :)



This is the blog of our project “A Walk in the Dark”.
We’re going to be posting news and talk about the development of this game and how it came to be.

We started this project 11 months ago. We worked together at a multimedia software company and we wanted to explore some game ideas that we had. So we started working home in a gameplay prototype. At that time we had no idea that the game would have the scope that it has today. We were just trying to do something fun to play, explore some ideas. It went well. People were liking our little ball that avoided obstacles by flipping the gravity, so we kept on.

Along the way we had to think about what would we do with the game once it’s done. Looking to the indie scene we decided to go for a pc downloadable title. So we looked to what we had, what we liked and what innovations can we bring with our game.

We wanted to explore and expand the initial game mechanic that we had. We like dark fantasy stories and love good writing, so that came into play too. Just because it’s an action game it doesn’t mean it can’t have a good story. And just because it has a story doesn’t have to be a slow and boring game. So we started writing the story and exploring gameplay possibilities. And the game started gaining form and structure.

This was the beginning of our journey.