Flying Turtle Software, an independent game development team based in Portugal.

Flying Turtle has published two games for Windows Phone 7 and is now working on A Walk in the Dark, its biggest project yet.

The Team:

Bruno Vidal is a Software Engineer born in Nazaré, a small town in the west of Portugal. He grew up playing classics on Sega MegaDrive/Genesis and years later, while savouring Dreamcast’s masterpieces like Shenmue.
He worked as a software engineer and project manager in multiple projects. He finished his master’s degree with a dissertation in the field of serious games and simulations. He was the lead software engineer for “A Walk in the Dark” and is now living in the USA, working for Microsoft.
Paulo Silva is an artist born in a small town in the center of Portugal. He has worked in various companies mainly as 3d artist and animator.
When he was a kid, he used to play super mario with the gameboy borrowed of his neighbour. Today he is eager to put his hands on Diablo III. He is working as the game director for “A Walk in the Dark” and hoping to give the players a great experience playing the game.

Vando Pereira is a Software Engineer born in a small village 80 km from Lisbon, Portugal. He is passionate about video games since he started playing Doom when he was just 8 years old. He finished its Master Degree recently with its dissertation on GPU Computing. In the meanwhile he worked on a small Portuguese game studio and at Microsoft Portugal. Now he is the responsible for the Game Engine that powers “A Walk in the Dark” and also works on the Tourism field. Anabela Faria is an illustrator born in Viana do Castelo, a beautiful village in the north of Portugal.
She has worked in various companies mainly as animator and motion designer.
She isn’t a hardcore gamer at all, the first game she played was super mario and the last was Bastion.
She loves to draw, paint and to eat cookies. Now she is helping the team with her cute drawings and magic powders.

Ricardo Sabino is originally from Algarve a beautiful region in the south of Portugal. His first contact with video games of any kind came courtesy of his old computer, the ZX Spectrum 48k when he was 5 years old. This was all it took for him to know what he wanted to do when he grew up. In order to fulfill his dream of creating video games, he moved to Lisbon and obtained his computer science degree from IST. Today besides helping with the development of A Walk in the Dark he is partner and Senior Software Engineer at ZPX. Cody Cook is a composer working out of Austin, TX although he is originally from Las Vegas.
A Walk in the Dark is Cody’s first venture into the video game and he couldn’t of been more thrilled to be part of this team.Check out his website: